About Fiona

I am a colour consultant, interior decorator and interior designer based in Sydney and am passionate about helping clients choose colour palettes and furnishings for both residential and commercial spaces. Choosing the right colour or neutral has a huge influence on the mood and feeling of a room or exterior.

My background is in business consulting and I utilise these skills to find out what you want to achieve with your colour update or renovation, then bring in my colour and  design skills to devise a palette that brings out the best in the space.  This might be an entirely new colour scheme, or one that fits in with current furnishings and features.

Even as a child I was drawn to colour, arranging coloured pencils in their rainbow order, and my love of colour and design started many years ago when I worked with furnishing fabrics and window treatments in the UK. I really enjoy helping clients select fabrics to create stunning statement upholstery pieces, and especially love it when existing pieces are refurbished giving them a new life in the renewed space. From this I have found I also love repurposing, restoring and upcycling items of furniture and thinking of creative ways to display or utilise them as an integral part of the design.

For commercial projects I draw on an interest in colour psychology as well as inspirations from my travels, to define colour and furnishing palettes for commercial interiors or to rejuvenate exteriors.

I have studied at the International School of Colour and Design (iscd) in Sydney, gaining a Certificate IV in Design, a Diploma in Colour Design, both a Certificate IV and Diploma in Interior Decoration, and (finally) a Diploma in Interior Design + Decoration.

I would love to help you design a colour and furnishing palette that you love living with, and firmly believe that if you love the space you live or work in, you will flourish.

Fiona Saville