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Interior Decorating

Our interior decorating service comprises interior styling and furniture sourcing.  We work with you to identify your styling likes and dislikes, and then develop the concept for the decorating scheme.  This can include selecting flooring, furniture, accessories, soft furnishings, upholstery, rugs, lighting, artwork and working with existing items.

The services offered for interior decorating and styling include:

  • Timber flooring, tiling, carpet and rug selection
  • Sourcing suitable furniture and accessories including wholesale suppliers
  • Selecting the fabrics for upholstered items including those being refurbished or reupholstered
  • Advice on and sourcing of lighting fixtures and fittings
  • Furniture placement and styling
  • Advice on repurposing or up-cycling your existing items
  • Shopping assistance with selecting any of the decorating components

Decoration Consultation – how it works

Our Interior Decoration service starts with an on-site consultation to discuss your decorating or styling requirements.  From there we determine the scope of the project and prepare a quote based on either an hourly rate or a package service.

Projects can range from a few hours to prepare a simple decorating scheme to a comprehensive package for a new build or extensive renovation project.  Large projects are likely to require product sourcing and several site visits, all of which will be outlined in a Scope of Works before proceeding.

To discuss requirements and pricing please call Fiona on 0402 205 656 or complete the form on the Contact page.

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