Custom Upholstery

Fabrics and textures add layers of interest to a room and form a fundamental component in the style of your room. The feel of a fabric is just as important as its style. The fabrics, particularly patterns, tell a story that you can weave into the story your décor tells, and a statement upholstery piece can become a stunning focal point in your room.

We consult with you to understand how the upholstered pieces will be used – in a busy family room or a quiet reading nook – and source a suitable selection for you to choose from. We can also make the task of visiting a fabric wholesaler easier by accompanying you and help you find the right fabrics for your room.

Our upholstered furniture designs draw on our underlying passion for finding beautiful fabrics to create the look and feel you want to achieve. We work closely with local upholsters (or your own if you have one) to ensure the design concept is carried through into the final piece.

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Window Treatments

Windows and doors are the gateway between inside and outside in your home, so the type of window treatment you use is very important.  If you have a wonderful view and no need for privacy, the window itself is a feature, and you have enough texture in other aspects of the furnishings, you might not need any window coverings.  But if the windows or doors don’t fulfil all of these criteria then some form of window treatment is in order. 

The window treatments used should be in keeping with the style of the house and your other furnishings and fabrics.  Curtains can be used to add another layer of texture, colour or pattern to your room, and can even make the ceiling look and feel higher.  Other popular window treatments include simple roller blinds, Roman blinds and shutters.

We will work with you to determine the most suitable window treatment to bring out the best in your room, and then liaise with the curtain or blind company to achieve the look you want.


Cushions, Accessories and Artwork

The art and accessories introduced into a room add the final layer and provide the greatest opportunity to inject your personality or add meaning to a room and your home.  “Styling” is the way in which  the art, accessories, cushions, throws, bookshelves and table tops are all arranged, and this can completely change the mood of a room.

You may have collected personal treasures and artefacts over the years and wish to display them to their advantage, or you might be starting from scratch and want entirely new items.  Usually people have existing items that hold some meaning and want to combine these with new accessories and artwork.

We can assist you by sourcing new items that complement your existing artefacts and then styling all the items in your room to give a cohesive feel to the overall scheme and style.  Whether it is for one room or an entire house or commercial space, we can accessorise the space and add the finishing touches.



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Styling with colourful cushions and accessories

Image: Flow Colour and Design